Thank you for visiting The Tao Scribe’s – Blog Page. Your time spent here is greatly appreciated. Not only do I hope you enjoy the topics raised, I also hope you find them informative. I am The Tao Scribe also known as Teque. Welcome.

What you will find on this site is a growing number of informative articles, ranging from topics relating to my work, tips on the creation process and the details about how I am undertaking such a massive, forever evolving project. As an aspiring writer whose purpose it is to deliver my readers a new fantasy epic, something that truly stands out from the great library, I feel the need to document the journey I am on, and highlight experiences and lessons along the way for you to follow. Those of you who check in, who spread the word and are excited about the progression of this story as much as I am, will be rewarded with a behind the scenes look, insights and explanations into the complexities of The Ancestral Odyssey.

On this site you will learn about my methods, my characters and the theme of the current story, there will be a portion dedicated to my successes and failures for which there have been many. I plan to write up evaluations on completed projects, review what can be improved upon and detail future instalments. I look forward to filling this site with a variety of articles, but most of all I look forward to hearing what you have to say, whether it be on here or feedback from Amazon, your comments or e-mails will be responded to when I have time.

All the work you see displayed on this site belongs to me. Should I use someone else’s material to deliver my message, details will be noted within the blog post, typically these disclaimers will appear at the end in the final paragraph. Throughout my content you will come across some bad language and even some dark and dirty jokes that some people may find offensive, if you find yourself easily triggered please do not read any further. Be sure to watch my Promotional Teaser Trailer for Book One’s release in April please rate it, respond to it however you see fit.

If you have any questions, seek advice or would like me to cover a particular topic in a future post, please feel free to e-mail me at Follow me on Twitter @MegasTeque for quotes and brief updates, be sure to search for The Ancestral Odyssey: The Utopian Dream on The Amazon Store come April. A Kindle release will come first followed by a Paperback edition.

Thank you.



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