The Mountain

These words ‘The End’ do not seem real when you start to write a book, especially when you sit down for the very first time and stare into the white void, onto that blank page where your story will find itself, where you will lose yourself, where your words transform your vision into the book you’ve always wanted to write. When writing a trilogy or a saga for that matter, reaching the end is almost unthinkable, like standing before a mountain you have to climb over or a gorge you need to find your way across, these are fair analogies in my opinion, because I’ve done both. I speak from experience because recently I’ve realised more so than ever, that the mountain I am tackling is HUGE! It is possibly unbeatable when I sit back and think about what I truly want to accomplish. I may never get to the top and I may never make the climb down back towards sanity, back to that place, back to that time to where I wasn’t enthralled with this make-believe world. This heavy realisation came when I reached a milestone I’ve been yearning for, for such a long time. Having technically completed Episode One – The Utopian Dream, I’ am able to continue my arduous climb upwards toward the next ledge flagged with the words, ‘Episode Two – Rise of The Black Doves.’ The climb is hard, strenuous and it will forever test you even after its completion if you can believe it or not. So many who set out on such journeys like my own never make it to the foot of the mountain, let alone begin their steady ascent. However, if you are one those few who reached the target you set for yourself, your accomplishment is worthy of a lonely drink in some bar no one visits, worthy of a lengthy conversation to your friends and family, worthy of something to be proud of and to hold high. My advice to those of you who have yet to set out for the climb is; Do not set yourself a target so high that it will consume and slowly destroy you physically and mentally, try to set your goals into chunks, chunks that you can see and feel yourself making headway with, it will make the journey far easier if the progression is visible. With that being said, this post will be about something raised in my last article titled ‘Why I am Done with Star Wars,’ and will touch upon some other topics that I would like to address. Mainly though, this piece is about the importance of the end of the journey, how to do it and how I plan to end mine if I make it passed the somewhat limitless number of obstacles. I hope you enjoy because I plan to knock out this post before the library closes which gives me, almost two hours.

Let’s get right to it, shall we? In regards to my last article, ‘Why I am Done with Star Wars,’ I am shocked, shocked in a good way that I received absolutely no death threats. I expected more backlash if I am totally honest, because I am aware that 99.99% of all Humans living on this planet along with their pets, get down onto one knee on a weekly basis to worship the Star War franchise, which I feel is undeserving of the praise it gets, especially with the release of the sloppy copy and paste job of Episode Four, which was The Force Awakens. Don’t get me wrong, the film did have some gems in there, I cannot falter the special effects, the X-Wings, The Falcon and of course Kylo-Ren stopping that laser blast mid-air, but overall it just did not impress me. I did have a few lengthy chats with people I know and had a handful of E-mail debates with total strangers on the subject, all in all, it went down rather well. No one could convince me to change my mind-set and I feel like the article I wrote still holds weight, but I am happy with the talks that followed which were argued on a mature level. The debate is still open, so if any of you feel like I am in the wrong, please, bring forth your argument and tell me what I’m missing; Why should I give Star Wars another chance? My E-mail address is linked at the bottom of the page as always, feel free to use it to get in touch and I’ll respond asap.

As for The Ancestral Odyssey and how it is progressing, I mentioned earlier that I have technically finished Episode One – The Utopian Dream; What I mean when I say this is that the story is done, there will be no more content added. I have time before the release of the Paperback Edition to sift through and alter any errors in my grammar for the final fucking time before a physical copy is made, but a part from that, it’s finished. I look forward to the day where I hold the very first physical copy in my hands. Tweaking it here and there for Kindle, making sure it all looks good on as many devices as possible is harmless however arduous and frustrating is allowed, but I must direct all my attention toward Episode Two – Rise of The Black Doves – Volume Four. I’ve stated in earlier posts that the work never ends no matter what! That you could potentially keep adding too and improving a piece of writing till the day of your death, and if you are an extreme perfectionist like myself, you will understand this horrible curse, everything has to be perfect before you sleep at night, this is just the way of it. Unfortunately, we Humans grow old and die, before that time we must make decisions on how to spend our limited time wisely, so at some point one MUST accept the work for what it is, end it and move on. This concept of ending The Ancestral Odyssey concerns me, I’ve been working on this project for a little over a decade now, thirteen years and counting from 2003, it’s an insane amount of time to dedicate yourself to a vision, but never the less, once I put to rest my first book with a final update to the Kindle, improving upon my formatting and presentation skills, the dreaded question hit me. What to do when this is over and how do I end it?

The answer to this question depends on who you are as the creator of your work. It is entirely up to you and how you go about this process. Personally, I want to remain in complete control of my work, I want to be at the helm all the way till its inevitable close, and once it’s closed, it remains closed for reasons I will now get into; I do not want to see it handed over to someone else who transforms it into something ‘else.’ I do not want to one day see a treasured idea of mine be manipulated and bent out of shape to the point where it turns into a run of the mill, commercialised garbage that we are forced to ignore. Creative people need to not only work on and perfect their ideas, but only they know how to execute them properly. I know I am jumping the gun a bit when I talk like this but I am positive, that those of you who are in this business have fantasized about this concept before, about your vision coming to life for all to see worldwide, which is why I brought up Star Wars in my last post, Star Wars is a great example of what happens to ideas that are not defended and stood up for. The original trilogy had something incredible, something remarkable and magical about them, especially Episode Five – The Empire Strikes Back, one of my favourite movies, but over time it has been diluted and lost amongst the rubbish of modern-day, main stream media. From what I can see, the reason this happened is because the end and fell into the hands of those who only care about profit. I cannot love Star Wars anymore because it has invaded everything and pulls a sheet onto other artists who deserve more light. I go into further details about this on my last post which I suggest you check out if you are sat there scratching your heads, wondering where this disgust for Star Wars (I should say Disney) comes from. Ending your story, is as important as starting it. How I plan to end mine I am still in the process of figuring out, the ending will definitely be Episode Five – The Chosen Kindred – Volumes Thirteen, Fourteen and Fifteen, there will be no more after this instalment, nothing to follow on from and I will make it so, I will write it in such a way that there will be no room to shoehorn in anything else, it will be a useless endeavour for anyone to even try because what happens in Episode Five will have no comparison, nothing can even hope to follow on from such events for it is apocalyptic. I do plan to write prequels to Episode One, they are sort of like a dark history, a selection of single stories involving certain key characters that do appear very briefly throughout the TAO (The Ancestral Odyssey) series. This dark history has seven stories attached to it and presents itself under the title of Mythorigin. Once Mythorigin is complete, once TAO is complete, that will be that. What I do afterwards as an Ex-Author is a bit of a beautiful mystery, anything can happen from there but at least I would have left my mark on the world, at least I will have something that is me and to be extremely proud of.

I think this is the first time on this Blog, that I have brought up and touched upon details with Episode Five, the book that at this time, the world is not ready for. Seeing as we are here maybe it is time I admit something, I do not know how to approach it! I cannot even contemplate the scale of what is to happen, it is that big. Not only does my final instalment make LOTR: The Return of the King (incredible book/trilogy) look like a playground squabble between two toddlers, but it goes beyond what ANYONE will expect. No one will see it coming. I know I am being extremely vague here but what I am talking about is still being nurtured, still being expanded upon in my head, it is still evolving into something unbelievable. The end to The Ancestral Odyssey, will be the ending of all endings, I will not have it any other way, I will not publish until I know that this is something no body has ever read before.

Okay, gotta cut this short, the library is about to close, I am the last one here and the guy running the show is giving me evil eyes. No time for a proof read or a grammar check, apologies if there are any hilarious mistakes in here. Hope you enjoyed. Next post will be about a topic you guys decide upon. Thanks, and have a great day. PEACE! 

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