Taoteque Publishing – C.R.E.A.T.E.

This is where the magic will happen, this is where the sequel to The Utopian Dream will be envisioned, crafted, re-written and set on repeat until I am satisfied. At least for Volume Four, this is where Rise of The Black Doves will come to life, from the back of a van that I am adamant about calling The Millenium Falcon. Come the start of next year, the year I am looking forward to for a number of reasons, reasons that I will be getting into in a moment, I will be travelling across country using this rust bucket as my vessel. If you had read my last article titled ‘The Story Before, And So Far’ you will know that I have recently moved to Australia all the way from the UK, and have settled in a little place called Toowoomba for a short while, I live in a tent with two compartments at the moment, a house nearby provides me with a not so reliable internet connection, and a water source to maintain hygiene because our portable shower tore, rendering it useless. A small amount of rent still needs paying but for the most part I am pretty comfortable in my surroundings, of course I miss my family and friends back home and am still dealing with this tremendously hot weather. Right now everyone I know at home is going through my favourite time of year, the time where the snows are coming in and the frosts linger over night, where the days are growing darker and the streets become baron, all the while I am battling the heat on the other side of the planet, a shock to the system is an understatement. To combat such a worthy foe I recently set up a paddling pool inside the front room of my tent, I even plan to shave my thick crop of bushy brown hair, and this is just the beginning, it’s not even summer yet, it was the first day of summer here a few days ago, so something tells me I have a lot of fight still to come, but at least I’ll be able to alter my skin tone, going from bright bone white to a beautiful chestnut-brown, luckily I inherited my mother’s skin, so unlike my brothers who turn into lobsters under the sun, I am fortunate that I turn to gold. With all this being said, the life style here is so different to what I was used to, it is all go here, I cook, I clean, I drive, I hike, I build, I write and am now undertaking a Graphic Design job, my first assignment since I finished University. Funny thing is that I wasn’t even looking for a Graphics job, I just mentioned that I used to do Graphics and boom, with a little push from my significant other I am now working part-time on an Art Gallery Invitation, who’d of thought? That being said, and having some time to reflect, I have realised now more than ever that change is one of the few only certainties in life, so when I am so incredibly busy, when I am missing my parents, my circle of friends and taking on so many other challenges at once, things that I never would have undertaken had I not made such a bold move to leave my island, I simply tell myself that one day I will be hopping on a plane, and returning to the place I am most accustomed to, true, it is not ideal, Britain has its flaws, it is not exactly popular right now, but it is and always will be my home. This return journey may not happen for a number of years, but it is a journey that will happen none the less and has to happen at some point. I look forward to it, I do, but until then, I plan to make the most out of my time here, travelling from place to place for another year and a half at the least in The Falcon, across Australia. Because I am on a working/holiday visa, I will have to find work on a farm, and spend at least three months in the one location if I want to earn an extension to my time here, this is mandatory and is a fair deal. So now that you are pretty much up to date, although I could actually spend another ten paragraphs talking about my first month in a foreign country, lets jump into the meat of this post and how important it is to me.

With the up and coming release of The Ancestral Odyssey: The Utopian Dream, Volume Three, I have a surprise for you lovely people, as Maurice Moss would say from the I.T Crowd, one of my favourite TV comedies next to Black Books and South Park; “You better put seat belts on your ears, because I am about to take them for a ride of their lives.” A second Promotional Teaser Trailer is under construction by the incredibly talented Oliver Richards. He did such a good job working on the first trailer, released back in April 2016 when The Ancestral Odyssey first came to Amazon, I recently got back in touch and asked for his assistance. I look forward to what he does with some of my art work this time, I look forward to see and hear his own take on this story which is one of the reasons as to why I do this, because I know what I see when I think of this first instalment, but it is also just as interesting and exciting to know how others feel about it. Emma Charlotte Brown is also returning as Isabelle’s voice, a character in the first book who I absolutely adore, so big thanks to her for making recordings all the way from Japan, it truly is appreciated. While we are talking about Emma, I feel like it necessary to share some of her work, a link will be provided below at the end of this e-mail if you are interested in country/folk music. I’ve heard her live a few times when I was living in Oxford, she and her friends involved really do deserve to be where they are, making music, because they love doing it. I wish her and her fellow musicians all the best of luck in the future. Please check out the link, and leave her some feedback if you can. For those of you who are in the creative business, you will know that anyone who shares enthusiasm for your craft, is greatly appreciated, it is extremely touching and can make ones week. I know it can mine.

As for the new trailer, it will definitely be released this month, set to be up on my little YouTube channel next to trailer one and my radio show interview, I am looking forward to that almost as much as the actual release of Volume Three, which will be coming back to me fully edited and polished any day now. Speaking of the YouTube channel, I hope to be expanding upon it soon, making it into a channel actually worth subscribing to, because right now, it is not. Updates about this will be posted here and on my Twitter feed, so please consider following me, as always all links and contact information will be at the end of this post, which is about my company called, Taoteque Publishing.

In previous posts I have talked about Taoteque, here in this article I am going to go into details. Because I have a moment to spare in a free, empty space for about an hour or two, I am not about to scan through all my articles to see what I have mentioned and what I have not, instead I’ll refresh our memories on; What it is? What it is all about and where I want it to go in the future? So, what is Taoteque Publishing? The clue is in the title of course, it is the name of the company (my company) that creates books under the slogan C.R.E.A.T.E. This stands for:-

Creativity evolved. Redefining epic. Endless possibility. Ambition unlimited. Thinking beyond. Expanding minds.

So far the crown jewel is The Ancestral Odyssey, consisting of fifteen Volumes spread over five books, that is three Volumes per book. Linked to The Ancestral Odyssey (TAO for short) are the prequels, a series of seven short stories called Mythorigins, a mythology. I have already started writing one such short story called The Remedy Keeper, it still needs lots of work but I am excited about what people think of it when it is released…I have no idea when that will be by the way. As for the other six titles, I would one day like to bring in some new talent, hire other writers to complete the Mythorigins. The selected writers will have to follow a criteria I construct, because each story is related to TAO in some way, and certain characters, certain details will have to be included, these are things only I know, but apart from that, they will be allowed to have fun with it in their own creative way, to allow them to have their own say on the project. Six writers, chosen to write each of the six short stories, I would of course like to meet them in person, we would have to be in touch throughout and we will have to get on as friends. This is something I would like to do, so I can focus on TAO, to expand Taoteque further and bring in new people to the project. I have this Blog, called Reading with Teque, a site which is growing and gaining attention, I have a YouTube Channel set up to store promotional material, I am planning to expand on this soon, currently I am in the process of building a talk show called Talking with Teque, a simplistic program where discussion and education is key, where debates are opened up over important and perhaps not so important topics. Who knows I may throw in a review or two on some of my favourite games, books or films. Until I figure out how to record good audio on my mic however, while living in a tent or while on the road in The Falcon, this has to be put on hold for now, sorry.

Taoteque Publishing consists of myself and a handful of other people from across the globe. All the money we make comes through what we sell on Amazon. We share the same passion for creating art, we try to excel in our chosen fields and use C.R.E.A.T.E as our template, our guideline when faced with new challenges and tasks. It is also important to know that we have our own lives, we all have jobs, different circles of friends and have plans for the future. I look forward to where the company is going, it may not be for a long while before I see real progress and change, but for the most part, it is growing, it is in its infancy, who knows where it will lead, but I hope years from now I’ve built something which has a good reputation and renowned for going above and beyond. 2017 is a landmark, it is the year I finish The Utopian Dream and really get to focus on Rise of The Black Doves, it is the year where I will be embarking on getting my books in paperback and also the year I will be travelling Australia, in a self sustainable van…Called, The Millenium Falcon; Why? Because it is fast, it is sturdy and doesn’t look like much. Nothing works and she feels like she is falling apart, but it is bulging with character and I love it.

Before I started to write this article, I had imagined it was going to be bigger, either I have gotten better at explaining myself or I was just plain wrong. Either way, thank you for reading, your time here is appreciated. Please follow me on Twitter. Write me an e-mail if you would like a topic covered, if you have any advice on creating a talk show or where I should travel to while living in Australia. Visit my YouTube channel and Emma’s, are as promised provided below. Thank you for reading.

Talking with Teque – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-nc_VEmC27AIz6pP51UVkQ

Emma’s Music – ¬†https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqUAr-jtnkseoLn2Zf84tZQ

Twitter – @MegasTeque

To TAO Volume 1 and 2 –¬†https://www.amazon.co.uk/Duncan-Gill/e/B01JMZ2BE6/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1481002896&sr=8-1

E-Mail – taotome@outlook.com



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