The Story Before, And So Far

Good morning everyone! Writing to you from Queensland Toowoomba, Australia also known as The City of Flowers, my new home. Once again I have succeeded in turning my life upside down, throwing in my job, leaving my house in Oxfordshire and saying goodbye to a number of my friends I will not have the pleasure of seeing for quite sometime. So after an 8 hour coach trip from my parents home in Pembrokeshire to Heathrow, I flew from London to China on the 28th October at 22:35pm. After a 4 hour stop in a place I cannot pronounce, a place that began with a G, I hopped back onto a plane for a further 10 hour flight to Brisbane, and landed in Australia on the 30th October 8:30am, too tired to dress up as an evil Jester like I usually do on Halloween, or jot down notes into a notebook, all I wanted to do was sleep, because I recently learned that sleeping on an aircraft is next to impossible, whether you be sitting in a window seat or snuggled between two, big burly men who just finished work at a construction site, for me it is extremely hard to catch some shut-eye. So instead, I watched the Ironman trilogy followed by Independence Day. This was the longest and farthest journey I have ever taken and to top it off, I was all by myself with nothing but two bags and my identity. This is all worth it though, the moving the stress, the cost, because I am not doing it all for me, but for another, a woman who I intend on staying with the rest of my life.

I was going to leave it at that and continue with this post, but while writing, a friend of mine I was in University with messaged me, I’ve just come off chat speaking to him. Without going into too much detail he was that friend who stayed up all night drinking tea, eating late at night and getting into some really good discussions with. He was that friend who would not roll with the crowd and preferred a quiet night in next to a party in a club house that casually mugged you with every cheap drink they sell you. He was that friend I really had a connection with, and what with us both being a bit nocturnal, it’s fair to say I clicked with this guy. Anyway we do not talk as much now, after University we just kind of drifted apart and did our own things. I am sure anyone who is reading this can name a few people in their own lives that they were once very close with for a period of time, and for whatever reason contact was slowly dropped, sometimes these things just happen, but sometimes people come back. This particular gent who I wont name, asked me a few questions as I did him. After the general catch up he asked me; Why do you do the things you do, why Australia? My answer was simple; 1) To continue with a serious relationship and 2) Life doesn’t have to be work, pay rent, struggle and repeat. For a long time that was indeed my life, an endless cycle of trying to make the necessary payments, doing my best to balance my funds between social gatherings, food and of course, Self-Publishing. There were times when I were happy when my life revolved around a set routine, I see the benefits and have accumulated some priceless memories, but for someone like me who HAS to buy into the system in order to escape it, the routine becomes a perpetual, never-changing nightmare. I’ve never cared for money, I do not do what I do to obtain funds, I do what I do because I love doing it, because it fills me with purpose and gives me a sense of achievement, however in saying that I am aware that my passion comes with a price, and this price is becoming more and more apparent as time progresses. It is the price of advancing a career that will secure my future, the price of missing out on events held by my declining friend list. I’ve noticed that invites to said events have fallen over the years, there is also the price of eating right and at times depriving myself of sleep. For those of you who are writers in the same boat as me or are say studying in their final year at University, I feel like you can relate, when you are invested in your work to the point where the days seem to just role into one, your body picks up the bill. To me, this is a high form of sacrifice, all these things should be balanced but finding this balance is a learning curve, the sooner you find it the better. Moving to Australia has certainly shaken things up, and next year I am planning a road trip with my significant other to see more of the country, to live free on the road with nothing but our van and each other, but in the mean time I must once again buy into the system, find myself a job and earn enough money in order to escape, at least for a little while, and so the cycle continues until I no longer have to commute to work, until I can live off my writing. When that day comes I can confidently call myself free.

Speaking of freedom, let’s get back on point shall we? I must say it feels good to be writing again, I may not be furthering The Ancestral Odyssey: Rise of The Black Doves – Volume Four (sequel to The Ancestral Odyssey: The Utopian Dream) as I should be right now, but the idea of continuing the story soon and putting forth what I have planned within the coming years, really does lift my spirit, the world is not ready for it yet, but it will be. What can I say, inspiration is everywhere, in paintings, music, landscape and in dreams, just yesterday I took a trip across Toowoomba in search of a place called Paradise Creek. We did not find it in the end but we did stumble upon a terrain of woodland, a piece of land we ended up walking through for some time. I found myself wondering if anybody had stepped in the place I were standing in ever before? It sounds silly but I do occasionally think like this, I do allow my mind to wander to the point where people ask me if I am alright? I am unusually quiet sometimes and this is not because I am being anti-social, not because I have nothing to contribute, but because the mind does a lot more (in my opinion) when you are using less of it. Filling up a space with chatter is fine, engaging in conversation and debate is equally fine, but I have found that remaining silent educates you. I recommend that you take a day out of your week or if you are unable to do that, attempt to seek a silent, peaceful space for yourself. As I am in the frame of mind of talking silly, here is another silly thing that I wonder about from time to time which goes towards what I have planned for The Ancestral Odyssey, it is in the shape of a question so strap yourselves in, I hope to blow your mind, but; Why is it that Human beings have a space in their minds reserved for what is considered to be outrageous and totally unbelievable? In other words; Why are there so many books, so many depictions throughout all media spectrums, that convey a message of hidden worlds, unreal creatures and places that simply cannot exist in the world we know today. Obviously this question can be easily answered, but it is a question that can bring about an interesting discussion. As I tend to use critical thinking when opposed with such questions, I have come to the conclusion that such fantasy is just fantasy, an exploration into the wonder of the unknown, and that is that, end of discussion. However, I at least like to entertain the idea that maybe, such fantasy did once exist on some small-scale, and that in itself links in to our brains because from a scientific perspective, we all are related, and the space we have in our minds reserved for such craziness is an echo of a distant past…Just to re-assure you I am perfectly sane.

So, I’ve detailed a bit about the story before, but how about the story so far? Well, I am living in a tent right now with two rooms as you can see from the picture with my girlfriend. A house nearby offers me a wonderful wi-fi connection, we make our own tea, cook our own food on the yellow stove, we have our own outdoor shower which you cannot see, and we are in the process of setting up a solar panel to charge our equipment. There is an abundance of sun in Toowoomba so we have all the light we need. We pay rent for staying on the property and often commute to help out with general work, but it is so much easier and so much less rent to what I was paying in Oxford. We also own a van, a van we are currently rigging up for our journey across Australia next year. As for the writing, the writing and marketing will continue as always, until it is finished. Actually, seeing as I am in such a good mood, I want to share with you what I have planned before 2017, I still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do but the gears are indeed turning. Recently I got in touch with Emma Charlotte Brown, the woman who provided the voice of Isabelle in my first Promotional Teaser Trailer. I asked her if she were available to lend her voice again for a second trailer. Last time I checked Emma was in Japan, I had no idea if she had access to a studio or even had the time, but to my delight she agreed to help out and even better has access to a studio. So what went from a mock-up of a Powerpoint, a simple collection of stills with a bit of music in the background, has now transformed into a whole new Trailer. Trailer Two will be a combination of quotes, artistic work, music and now Emma’s voice going for around the three-minute mark. As I said before, a lot of work still has to be done on my part in order to provide my animator, Oliver Richards, the gent who had his hands on the first trailer to assemble into a reel. This trailer is going to help promote the release of my final instalment for The Utopian Dream, Volume Three which should be out before Christmas. Volume Three is currently being edited by Michael Lumb, the chap who edited Volume Two earlier this year.To have all these wonderful people working on my behalf, sharing my vision of a new fantasy epic, is touching, and I thank you all for your time, your patience and your professions because if it wasn’t for you, then my writing would remain on the page and as powerful as that is, it is always a treat to see something come to life.

As we move into 2017 I hope to release Volume Four, whether there will be a trailer for this one, I sincerely hope so, but just bear in mind that as my vision grows and as this project expands, so does production value, and this production is not going to pay for itself. I have to pay my editor, my animator worked on the first project for free so it is only right I pay him a sum for this time, as I will be paying Emma, so I ask everyone who supports me, everyone who is a fan to be patient, no one wants to see this reach its potential as much as I do so I am suffering as well. I also am on the look out for someone who can honestly and effectively translate my works into a screenplay. This screenplay, once polished and to my liking can then be passed onto agents and film studios, who knows what the future will bring but this is what 2017 has in store.

Thank you for reading. As always you can check out previous articles here on my blog, if you do please leave a comment or better yet contact me via e-mail if you would like a personal response. Contact info and links to other sites can be found below. Thanks again and it will be nice to hear from you.

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