Radio Show Guest Appearance

Good morning everyone! Yes I am indeed writing before midday, a few hours before heading off to the recording studio which is a first for me. Usually I post in the evenings or in the early hours of the day, because I do like to sleep in, actually I love to sleep in, getting up early is incredibly over rated in my world and I caution anyone who dares to drag me away from my morning snooze. There are only two things worth getting up for in the morning, and that is a really good cup of tea or coffee, the other is fairly obvious but if you don’t know, then I guess you are a relatively young person reading this. I do not know why, but I feel more productive at night, things tend to flow onto the page easier, ideas form quicker, the writing tends to just happen when the sun goes down, and on top of that it is generally quieter after 6pm, enabling me to concentrate on whatever I am working on, whether it be a literal piece or something graphical. I am most definitely a night person, as most writers are.

I will give you a quick update before I get into the real meat of this post, because it is an exciting one to say the least, say for my last post which I admit was rather depressing after I re-read it a few days ago, so I’ve decided to lighten the mood with this one. As some of you know, I will be leaving the UK at the end of October to do a spot more travelling on the other side of the world, but for those of you who don’t know, I’ll fill you in. I finish both my jobs at the end of September and head for home in Wales, to spend time with my parents and my oldest friends before I depart, to live, to work, to travel and to write the sequel of The Ancestral Odyssey. As for the project itself, there has not been much progression since the last time I post on WordPress, seeing as all my funds are wrapped up in this travelling adventure. Book One, The Ancestral Odyssey: The Utopian Dream has been completed, and I am so very proud of it, after so many drafts, re-writes and structural changes, I will no longer be touching it, there comes a point where you have to leave a project alone and work on something else. It sawed over what I originally intended and was a great learning experience for me. It will always be the project that jump started my career, will always be the story that I spent the most time writing, and will also hold the title of being the most annoying and frustrating to get through. All will be explained, a spoiler free review of The Utopian Dream will be my next article. I plan to do an in-depth analysis of the book as a whole, going into great details about its origin, where it fits within the timeline because believe it or not, this is not actually the very first story, it is a continuation of a series that came before it, something I touched upon briefly within the first book, an area that isn’t talked about or covered, a dark history called Mythorigin that took place before the rise of my Star Callers. I’ll explain what I liked about it, what I disliked about it and what can be improved upon, because I will admit there are some flaws, flaws which I’ve been made aware of by you and I’ve listened and hopefully learned from the errors, however in saying that I believe what the book does right towers over such problems making them look small and insignificant. Volume One and Volume Two are available for download onto Kindle devices from the Amazon Store, links will be provided below at the end of this post that will take you straight there, but before you do that I must say that due to complications with my last editor, Book One, Volume One is still awaiting a professional edit. Volume Three is ready and waiting to be sent to my new editor but I cannot afford the editing fee for obvious reasons. Until I settle in Australia come October, Volume Three will remain on hold until further notice, but I do promise you it will be out this year. I am very excited for the release of the final installment of Volume Three, a beta reader who has read Volume One and Volume Two (who enjoyed Volume Two the most) is very excited about getting their hands on the last segment. With all that said, let’s talk about what is happening later today, a few hours from now. I hope you enjoy.

If you were to ask someone; What is the hardest part of writing a book? I believe most people would respond with; Construction, the actual writing is the hardest part, surely…If you have never written a book before this is the response I’d expect, but if you are part of that small minority that have completed a project, have sunk in many months or even a few years into your book, your response is very likely going to be different. The writing part is easy, the writing phase is the most enjoyable and an exciting time for yourself and your story; Why? Because it hasn’t fully formed yet, it can almost be anything at this point until you’re well and truly near the end. Even upon reaching the end you still have the option to go back and make as many alterations as you wish, that is one of the beauties of writing, the author has complete control over what goes on within the world he or she has created and has the final say. Sure, before you start you may have a rough idea of what is going to happen, what is not going to happen and so on depending on your process. I picture the writing phase as a hovering ball of clear liquid, something I can circle around and really work on. As I write, as I progress and mould the story, develop plot, pad out the theme and deepen characterisation, the ball of liquid slowly but surely solidifies and becomes harder, inevitably becoming increasingly more difficult to modify as it takes it shape but changeable none the less. By the end, what hovers in front of me is not a ball of liquid at all, but a grounded statue rooted into the floor, unwilling to move. I still have the ability to make as many changes as I want, but it is not as easy to make a change from when it was made of liquid. For more information regarding my own personal, writing process, feel free to check out some of my earlier articles titled ‘A Project Fueled by Tea,’ and ‘World Building.’ I describe my ideas as being seeds, seeds that need time and nurturing in order to grow, the longer you spend developing your ideas, allowing them to evolve over time, I believe the stronger they are. This is demonstrably true, if you get a book written in a week opposed to a book that has been being written for a year, the second book will win every single time, simply because of the fact that it has time on its side. In all honesty, the hardest part of writing is the marketing. Whether you have Self-Published or Traditionally Published, you are going to have to do most of the marketing yourself. To learn a little more on Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing, I have an article titled ‘Overthrow the Overlords’ which is worth a read through if you are nearing that juncture.

When working through the marketing phase you will begin to miss the writing phase. A massive chunk of my time has been spent not actually creating any new material. Of course I never cease to make notes of future ideas, I go into extensive details in this in ‘The Notebook’ posted earlier in the year, but up until recently before I started work on Book Two, Rise of The Black Doves, all I had been doing was thinking up ways of how to market, promote and advertise Book One, The Utopian Dream. Amazon does provide nifty little services to help out with this chore, but to my mind it is not enough. To some extent, I am still working through the marketing of Book One and only dabbling with Book Two at the moment. Some of my marketing strategies I’ve employed have entwined with my artistic background and used it to an advantage. I’ve created a number of posters and put them up for display not only on this blog, but on all my social media outlets to snare attention. I made people who were interested, bookmarks. I took the persons favourite colours, their favourite animal, a particular quote they enjoy from other artists ranging from authors to musicians, their own name and assembled the design myself. For information regarding these bookmarks or if you’d like one made for yourself, check out the article ‘I Remember.’ 

If you’re familiar with my work, or are a follower of mine on this site, you will be well aware of my strongest marketing tool, something which not many other authors have at their disposal, but I with a few others, created my very own Promotional Teaser Trailer for Book One, The Ancestral Odyssey: The Utopian Dream. With the help of Andrew Beamish and Oliver Richards, we put together a short, artistic trailer for customers to watch. The reasons for doing so are as follows; First, people are more inclined to watch something rather than read through an article, this is sad but true I’ve come to understand. Second, I’ve been told I am a very descriptive writer, someone who is good at setting the scene, painting a picture before any events actually take place, this can be seen as a great strength or a weakness. Because my work is very visual, I felt it necessary to give my audience something to look at. Emma Charlotte Brown was kind enough to provide her wonderful singing voice to the clip, to speak the dialogue of Isabelle, my female protagonist. Emma is a very talented musician, I’ve heard her perform live and I’d like to see her again. A link to her music and my Teaser Trailer will be provided at the end of this article. She is as passionate about her music as I am with my writing, so please check it out when you have time and give my and her videos a thumbs up.

Another nice little bonus one of my readers gets if he or she makes a purchase, something which I am very happy to be a part of, is my ancient woodland. For every sale I make, a portion of the money goes toward a patch of land where I am planting trees. Please have a read through my last article titled ‘I’ll Tell You’ (the depressing one) to learn all you need to know about this creation of a tree sanctuary.

I have mentioned in the past that I’d like to create a few beer mats, which would advertise my works, I’d liked to have left a few in each bar I visit around Oxfordshire, but due to time restrictions and lack of materials, I’ll have to save this idea for a later date. The best advertising though comes not through how many posters you make, or trailers you put out on YouTube, the best advertising is through word of mouth from good people like you. This only comes through when hard work. dedication and passion is applied to what you do. If you have people who talk about your work, who like it and share it among others, chances are your popularity will spread faster than you can ever imagine regardless of what business you’re in and the more joy you’ll experience. So please, I encourage you to check out all links provided so far, even if you do not like what you see, recommend it to someone who may, this does wonders and is a great help to move me into a position to take this project further. This brings us to where we are now and what is about to happen in a few hours time.

In a few hours I’ll be heading to a radio studio somewhere in Oxford. A gentleman named Jamie Stephenson has taken an interest in what I’ve been working on and has invited me to speak on his talk show for a short time. He will be asking me a number of questions about my books. I am really touched by this gesture, it just goes to show that there are people out there who care about what others do, and would like to help promote it for others to see, these types of people I have a lot of respect for. Jamie and I share similar interests, we both have an enthusiasm for what we do and enjoy working on our passions outside the 9-5 slot as often as we can. This will be my first time speaking on a radio show so I am not sure what to expect. As far as I know it will be pre-recorded, edited and played on the radio station hopefully the following day, which will be on the 9th September, if not on the 9th then it will be uploaded for everyone to listen to on the following Monday, which will be on the 12th. I do not know what questions he will ask but I do have a faint idea of what will come up. The most common question and hardest to answer will be the dreaded; What is your book about? This question always catches me off guard because the story is about a great number of things and is frightfully hard to sum up in a short phrase. Other questions like; What are your inspirations? How long did this project take? Require explanation, I’ve been told by many who know me not to go off on a tangent, to answer the question in a particular way leaving the audience intrigued and not overloaded with information. I really do hope it goes well, I really do hope you guys like what I have to say, this project has been a long time in the making and things are finally taking off in a way I’ve been waiting for. Links and contact information to the radio show will be displayed at the bottom of this article along with all the others, but for easy listening it is best for download to the Energy Groove App from your Play Store on your phone or electronic device. Jamie Stephenson’s slots are from Monday to Friday from 8am.

As promised, below are all the links I mentioned in the post, if you would like a topic covered, if you have a question you would like to ask me please e-mail me and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Leave me a Tweet @MegasTeque and please follow @EnergyGroove. The recording I am taking part in today will run from about 3pm to 4pm and should be posted on my Twitter tomorrow, if not check out YouTube, simply tap in Energy Groove, Duncan Gill and I think something will pop up. Thank you so much for reading, you guys are the best. I have enjoyed writing this post, I am looking forward to uploading the radio content and of course my full review of Book One, The Ancestral Odyssey: The Utopian Dream – Volume One, Two and Three. Any site you do happen to visit please leave a comment, rate it accordingly and I hope to see you guys again.

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